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Our eighth season kicked off with the New Works Festival 2021 featuring the Workshop Series productions of Married Life by Charlie Schulman, The Secret Life Of Bros by Nathan Top, and Shirt.Brown.Honesty. by Jason Podplesky and the Play Reading Series productions of A Ghost Of A Chance by Kimberly Shimer, Slay by Ron Nelson, and Breakz by Cris Eli Blak. The festival ran from July 22-31, 2021.


The eighth season continues this August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Our virtual submission of Four Horses by Mary Beringer Directed by Greg Procaccino will be streaming August 6th-30th, 2021. Synopsis: A blasphemous dark comedy about the end of the world. When Pestilence accidentally kills Death, the whole world stops. The people of Earth become immortal and it is up to the remaining three horsemen to track down a replacement Death. They think they have found one when they discover the last person on Death's list, but training a new Death is more difficult than it sounds. 


Daughter Of War by Elizabeth a. Harris is next in the line-up of our eighth season. Directed by Rachel Mock the play will be presented October 28th-30th and November 4th-6th, 2021. Synopsis: Anna wants a normal life with her daughter and, Jack, the man she loves. But war changes a person, as she discovers upon her return from serving in Iraq. As she manages her civilian life she must face the demons that haunt her and threaten to tear her world apart. Daughter Of War by Elizabeth a. Harris is a one woman's journey through war, love, and the hope for a better tomorrow.

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The LAB Report is back for Season 2! Join us for Episode #010: The Submission Process hosted by Torie Pate. Featuring: Valetta Anderson, Aaron Epstein, Elizabeth a. Harris, and Brian David Walker. In this episode we speak with LAB members and playwrights about the submission process for Cincinnati LAB Theatre and their experiences with that process. Check it out on our website, Facebook, or Youtube! 

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A reading of Why Good Things Happen to Bad People a farce by Hope Hommersand Directed by Robert Allen is next up in our season. The reading will be presented February 18th & 19th, 2022 at 8PM. Synopsis: A witch becomes a celebrity chef and a minister discovers she has been leading an inauthentic life. The action takes place in a vacation cottage owned by Mavis, a witch and master chef. Guests include Vivian, a minister, who is having an emotional meltdown because of a sermon she has to give next Sunday.  Viv’s two friends are there to celebrate their wedding anniversary. What should have been a joyful evening turns into a manic episode of accusations, confessions and mistaken identities, all due to the machinations of Mavis, her jealous boyfriend and the interference of a local ghost.


Dog by Brian David Walker will take the stage as our eighth season's spring show! Directed by Torie Pate. The play will be presented May 5-7, 12-14, 2022 at 8PM. Synopsis: Bailey has lost her dog. She’s searched for it for over a year. One day, she’s walking in the park and sees him, and he’s being walked by someone else. This is a play about four people whose lives intersect over a dog. It’s about trying to get back what’s lost and examines how sometimes people can act like dogs and dogs can act like people.